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Ambix First Aid Antiseptic and Pain Relieving Cream is uniquely formulated to help protect against infection and provide temporary relief of pain and itching associated with minor burns, minor cuts, scrapes, insect bites, and minor skin irritations.  Feel better fast!


Size        Cs. Pk.   Weight         1,000 pcs.             5,000 pcs.             10,000 pcs.          Tube dimensions

7/8oz        384        28.0Lb         $0.95 ea.*              $0.89 ea.*              $0.84 ea.*            22mm dia. x 120mm

1.5oz        240        29.0Lb         $1.23 ea.*              $1.16 ea.*              $1.13 ea.*            25mm dia. x 146mm

Case dimensions: 18.5" x 14.5" x 7.0" Case cube: 1.0867 Pallet Ti x Hi: 4 x 6

Tubes are bulk packed in standardized, reinforced shipping cases.

We will price on request for larger order quantities.  Available as private label with MOQ of 10,000 tubes.

* FOB Totowa, NJ 07512

Featured Product

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Ambix first aid and burn cream provides relief and protects against infection in minor burns, cuts, scalds, wounds, scratches and abrasions. Active ingredients, Dyclonine and Phenol. 1.5 oz tube.

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  • PrevaginTM
  • RevaginTM
  • Amazing Aloe(R) Hand Repair Cream
  • Amazing Aloe(R) Foot Repair Cream

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